Professional Information to the VS2 Readability Diamond

The value variations between similar-looking diamonds may be staggering. However why does one stone have the next worth than one other? The readability of the diamond is likely one of the components that decide the value of every gem. If you happen to’re questioning the place VS2 falls on the readability scale and whether or not these diamonds are funding, our knowledgeable information will reply all of your VS2 clarity-related questions.

What Is VS2 Readability?

Diamond Clarity Chart

VS2 diamonds are middle-grade relating to their readability. They’re within the decrease tier of the Very Barely Included class on the official readability scale created by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America). With slight inclusions, VS2 diamonds normally seem eye-clean. Much less continuously, chances are you’ll spot imperfections with the bare eye on VS2 diamonds with bigger carat weights. 

To grasp how the VS2 class measures up, familiarizing oneself with the grading standards is vital. GIA’s grading scale has 11 grades in complete, starting from nearly flawless stones to these with seen imperfections. 

On the high of the size, you’ll discover extraordinarily uncommon Flawless and Internally Flawless diamonds which can be near-perfect. Subsequent, Very, Very Barely Included diamonds have tiny flaws which can be hardly noticeable beneath 10x magnification. 

The third class is Very Barely Included diamonds. Though the issues of those stones are simply seen beneath magnification, particularly within the case of VS2s, you sometimes gained’t see their tiny imperfections with out assist. This class is adopted by Barely Included diamonds, with extra important flaws. Lastly, Included stones have flaws even laypeople will see with the bare eye.

VS2s are situated on the precise center of this scale, representing an excellent compromise between flawless-looking stones and inexpensive however flawed ones.

VS2 Diamond Pricing and Chart

Inspecting VS2 clarity Diamond Under Loupe

Since VS2 diamonds are likely to have various inclusions, they’re typically inexpensive. The next chart shows the approximate costs for a round-cut H shade VS2 diamond in several carat weights. 

Carat Dimension Worth 
0.50 $1,500
1 $7,000
1.5 $14,500
2 $27,000
3 $57,800
4 $92,000
5 $150,000

Do not forget that diamond pricing is a fancy matter with plenty of shifting elements. Readability is merely one of many components that have an effect on the stone’s last worth. 

As an illustration, since bigger stones are tougher to search out, a 2-carat stone gained’t merely value twice as a lot as a 1-carat one. Minute variations in carat sizes can create big discrepancies. As an illustration, a 2-carat VS2 diamond might value round $27,000 in H shade grade. A 1.95-carat one is simply $23,000, although the dimensions distinction is hardly obvious.

One other issue that may affect the stone’s price ticket is its shade. Jewelers place every diamond on a scale from D to Z. The much less shade the stone has, the upper its shade grade. 

You may in all probability discover 0.50-carat VS2 readability stones from as little as $800 or cheaper in a low shade grade. Then again, a stone with the identical options in a colorless D grade can value as much as $1,700. Equally, by going only one shade grade decrease from a 1-carat H-grade VS2, you might be able to save $1,300. Conversely, upgrading the identical stone from H grade to G grade would possibly add one other $600 to its worth.

Is It a Good Concept to Purchase VS2?

VS2 Clarity Diamond Engagement Ring

It may be difficult to determine which readability grade is the most effective worth. Nonetheless, when you’re contemplating investing in a VS2, you’re in the fitting place. 

As a result of VS2 diamonds are on the center of the readability scale, they provide an excellent stability between high quality and worth and are not any much less stunning than their higher-grade neighbors. Though they could have some inclusions, these are solely obvious when the stone is positioned beneath a microscope. The common particular person gained’t be capable to distinguish between a VS2 and a VVS diamond at a look. Nonetheless, VS2 diamonds can sport a moderately inexpensive price ticket due to their minor flaws.

The query turns into a tad extra sophisticated relating to bigger carat weights. 

Professional Tip: Whereas inclusions could also be tough to discern on a small stone, they’re much simpler to see on a bigger floor. That is very true for cuts that function plenty of parallel sides or a spacious desk. Emerald, Asscher, baguette, and even massive oval reduce diamonds fall into this class. Diamonds above 2 carats with such reduce types thus profit from a barely increased readability grade for eye-cleanness.

Nonetheless, that isn’t to say that VS2s can’t be gorgeous in bigger sizes. For instance, this classic Wachau Ring encompasses a 2.26-carat VS2 diamond and appears breathtaking when worn. Whether or not a VS2 diamond is an efficient alternative for you is determined by how a lot you care concerning the stone’s look beneath the jeweler’s loupe. 


  • Inclusions invisible to the bare eye
  • Inexpensive, high-quality alternative
  • Similar to VS1 if chosen properly


  • Apparent inclusions beneath 10x magnification
  • Greater carat weight emphasizes flaws
  • Not the most effective for step-cut types

Sorts of Inclusions in a VS2 Readability Diamond

VS2 Clarity Diamond

Diamonds can have many sorts of flaws, divided into inclusions and blemishes. The previous seems contained in the stone, whereas the latter solely impacts its floor. Not all inclusions are equal. Their dimension, location, quantity, reduction, and nature all play a task in how a lot the imperfection(s) will deduct from the stone’s worth.

When searching for a VS2, realizing the sorts of inclusions you’ll discover when peering into the loupe will can help you make a better-informed determination. Right here’s what you want to find out about the most typical inclusions these stones can have.


Pinpoint Inclusion in Round Diamond

Pinpoint inclusions are tiny black or white crystals contained in the diamond. They’re one of the crucial widespread inclusion sorts, affecting even the best readability tiers. Nonetheless, because the identify suggests, pinpoints are very small and barely noticeable. 


Needle Inclusions in Round Brilliant VS2 Diamond

If you happen to see a skinny line contained in the diamond, you’re in all probability taking a look at a needle inclusion. These are lengthy crystals embedded within the stone. They’re typically solely seen from sure angles.


crystal inclusions in VS2 Clarity Diamond

Crystal inclusions are small crystals or diamonds inside your stone. They will have varied colours relying on the crystal in query. Coloured crystal inclusions are simpler to identify, so they’re much less fascinating. Colorless ones are literally small diamonds contained in the diamond.


Feather Inclusion in a Diamond

Tiny cracks contained in the diamond are known as feather inclusions. Some feather inclusions are virtually invisible, whereas others have an unpleasant darkish shade. These small cracks are normally no purpose for alarm. Nonetheless, specialists warn that feathers near the diamond’s floor would possibly have an effect on the stone’s sturdiness. It is best to keep away from stones with such inclusions if you would like your property jewellery to serve properly for generations.

Indented Pure 

Indented pure inclusions are indentations across the diamond’s girdle. They’re elements of the unique floor of the tough diamond that was left untouched throughout sharpening. The proper setting can simply disguise these inclusions across the edge.


Cloud Inclusions in VS2 Clarity Round Brilliant Diamond

Cloud inclusions are clusters of pinpoint or crystal inclusions. Whereas these inclusions aren’t too distracting in themselves, they’re problematic once they type a cloud. You’ll need to avoid diamonds with these inclusions as they will have an effect on how the stone displays the sunshine. Clouds are additionally typically seen to the bare eye.

The best way to Purchase a Free VS2?

3 Carat Vs2 clarity diamond

Buying a unfastened diamond is a incredible thought. These stones are simpler to guage precisely than preset ones, so you may get have a look at your stone earlier than making a choice. However the place must you begin your diamond shopping for journey? 

Merely diving right into a search by your self can provide you an thought of the costs you may count on. The web sites of respected sellers make searching stones by their parameters a breeze. Nonetheless, it’ll rapidly get overwhelming once you understand the scope of your choices. 

Looking for the recommendation of execs can facilitate the method. As an illustration, you may fill out our type beneath with the properties you need in your diamond, and we’ll get again to you with appropriate choices.

VS2 vs. SI1 Diamonds

VS2 vs SI1 Clarity Comparison

SI1 readability diamonds are only a tier decrease than VS2s on the GIA readability scale. Stones in adjoining tiers may be related, so chances are you’ll ask whether or not you may go a decrease grade to avoid wasting cash. Since every diamond is exclusive, there isn’t any particular reply to this query. As a substitute, listed below are a very powerful variations between these two grades that can assist you determine.

Whereas VS2 inclusions are normally invisible to the bare eye, the issues of an SI1 diamond can typically be noticed with no instrument. Roughly 85% of VS2 diamonds will seem eye-clean. The identical is true of solely about 50% of SI1 ones. 

Sometimes, you’ll be capable to discover VS2 diamonds which have a clear desk and solely function inclusions in hard-to-see locations. Then again, SI1 diamonds typically have inclusions proper within the middle, which is something however fascinating. If you wish to keep on the secure facet, a VS2 is a greater possibility than an SI1.

Nonetheless, for individuals who don’t thoughts flaws an excessive amount of, SI1 diamonds could be a budget-friendly alternative. A 1-carat H shade SI1 stone is over $1,000 cheaper than the identical dimension and shade grade in VS2 readability. Moreover, when you look laborious sufficient, you might be able to discover eye-clean SI1 diamonds. Seek for stones with a number of inclusions as a substitute of a single, massive, noticeable one. 

Alternatively, you may decide a bit like this stunning Somerstown Pendant that options a number of VS2 and SI1 readability stones.

VS1 vs. VS2 Diamonds

VS2 vs VS1 Clarity Diamond Compare

VS1 and VS2 readability diamonds are the 2 tiers of the Very Barely Included class. Their variations are so minor that normally, solely jewelers can inform them aside. 

Each classes can have the identical kind of inclusions. What differentiates them is the quantity, dimension, and placement of those inclusions. A VS2 diamond’s inclusions will normally be extra outstanding and in additional seen locations, or the diamond might have extra inclusions. As an illustration, if the diamond has a cluster of inclusions making a cloud, we’re more than likely speaking a few VS2, not a VS1.

Nonetheless, a well-chosen VS2 is simply as stunning as a VS1 to the bare eye, which is nice information to your pockets. If you happen to’re searching for a 1.5-carat stone, you may snag one for 14,500 in VS2 readability – as a substitute of $15,300 in VS1. You may even discover stunning classic engagement rings in VS2 readability at inexpensive costs, like this distinctive Cairns Ring that encompasses a 1.16-carat stone. If you happen to want help, contact us utilizing the shape on the backside of the web page.

Store VS2 Readability Diamond Rings

High 7 Insider Suggestions and Tips for Shopping for VS2 Readability

Though VS2 is extra inexpensive than another readability grades, you shouldn’t rush the shopping for course of. Listed below are seven suggestions for making a wise buy.

1. Study the Fundamentals

Inspecting VS2 Clarity Diamond Ring with Loupe

As talked about, many components play a task in a diamond’s worth. With out familiarizing your self with these, you’ll discover evaluating how good a deal is difficult. Readability isn’t all the pieces. So, study the remainder of the 4Cs and decide your preferences earlier than beginning your diamond shopping for journey. You’ll be capable to differentiate wonderful offers from not-so-great ones.

2. Verify the Diamond Rigorously

Loose Diamond Inspected over GIA Certificate in Showroom

Any diamond you purchase ought to have a certificates with its grading. If attainable, request a GIA or AGS certificates to make sure the strictness and impartiality of the analysis. Nonetheless, you must also have a look at the diamond, not simply its papers. Do not forget that every diamond is exclusive, and two VS2 diamonds could also be vastly totally different regardless of the same grading. Examine diamonds with the assistance of a jeweler, whether or not on-line or in particular person.

3. Discover an Eye-Clear Stone

Cassel Ring JR761

Though VS2 diamonds’ inclusions are simpler to identify than these of a VS1, they don’t need to be. An eye fixed-clean VS2 diamond differs little from the upper tier, however the discrepancy will definitely present in its worth. You’ll get the most effective worth when you discover an eye-clean VS2 diamond. Because of all of the high-quality imagery obtainable right this moment, this shouldn’t be too tough, however it could take a while. Nonetheless, diamond purchases shouldn’t be rushed.

4. Thoughts the Reduce

VS2s shine the brightest in good cuts, so choosing the proper reduce may be decisive. Nonetheless, you don’t need to ignore fancy geometric shapes even when your finances solely permits you this readability grade. As talked about, decrease carat weight will reduce the probabilities of any imperfections displaying, so a smaller stone is extra forgiving. As an illustration, this gorgeous Emerald-cut Starrett Ring encompasses a 0.50-carat stone, so its readability grade hardly impacts its magnificence.

5. Look For a Low cost

Customer Negotiating Price of Engagement Ring Estate Diamond Jewelry Showroom

If you discover the fitting diamond, chances are you’ll be keen to purchase it earlier than another person does. This will not be the most effective monetary determination, particularly throughout these instances of the yr when the variety of engagements is excessive. Earlier than you rush into the acquisition, go searching for reductions or coupons the store might supply. Relying on the vendor, chances are you’ll even be capable to negotiate the value of your required piece, so get knowledgeable

6. Don’t Get Too Caught Up on Inclusions

VS2 Clarity Diamond Engagement Ring on Finger 12655

Since VS2 diamonds, by definition, can have imperfections, chances are you’ll be tempted to improve your normal to the following tier. However most often, that is pointless. If you begin searching stones on-line, it’s simple to neglect that photographs are significantly enlarged. What would possibly appear like a big flaw within the picture might not even be noticeable in particular person. So, don’t get too caught up within the flaws. VS2 diamonds are normally eye-clean.

7. Store for Vintage Items

Antique old European cut diamond engagement ring with good clarity diamond

Vintage diamonds and jewellery undeniably have character. However buying an vintage diamond has different advantages moreover the aesthetic worth. These items of jewellery solely grow to be much more worthwhile as time goes by. This makes them extremely coveted amongst collectors. You’ll be capable to discover a purchaser to your vintage piece simply when you determine to resell it.

Information to Buying a VS2 Readability Diamond Ring

Chester Ring 14091

Discovering the fitting setting is essential relating to diamonds that will have noticeable imperfections. The setting has the potential to cover the issues. The proper metallic may compensate for different drawbacks, like the colour grade of the diamond. 

Whether or not you’re buying a diamond ring otherwise you’re serious about setting a unfastened stone, preserve the following pointers in thoughts.

  • Select a diamond dimension that’s snug to put on day-after-day.
  • Maintain the type and preferences of the wearer in thoughts.
  • The reduce might decide the suitable setting type, so ask the recommendation of execs.
  • Save just a few hundred bucks with a white gold setting as a substitute of platinum.
  • Select a Halo setting to make a smaller stone seem visually bigger.
  • Yellow gold is a wonderful possibility for decrease shade grades.
Afshin with customer in Estate Diamond Jewelry Showroom

Buying a VS2 readability diamond could be a incredible budget-friendly possibility, however discovering the fitting stone may be difficult. No two diamonds are the identical, so evaluating choices requires experience. Our professionals at Property Diamond Jewellery can assist you in your seek for the proper diamond. Fill out the shape beneath, and we’ll current you with choices to your finances and preferences.


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