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Fatty15 Leveled My Urge for food and Helped Me Sleep Higher

Fatty15 Leveled My Urge for food and Helped Me Sleep Higher


Have you ever ever felt such as you’re residing in a sci-fi film, particularly with all this AI chatter flying round? Nicely, get able to be totally immersed sooner or later: meet fatty15, a brand new important fatty acid complement that’s making scientific strides utilizing analysis from dolphins (!) and focusing on our want for important fatty acids. Let’s go!

A hand holds a bottle of fatty15 supplements up.

This put up is sponsored by fatty15, the one science-backed C15:0 complement meant to extend longevity by supporting mobile well being. As at all times, The New Knew solely works with manufacturers who we belief are making the world a greater place.

By: Lisa Fennessy


A bottle of fatty15 sits next to a small bowl of capsules.

What’s C15:0?

I like a superb TED Discuss, you? This one is about how a small change within the food regimen of dolphins can prolong their lifespan by as much as 30 years…which may probably be utilized to people too (!!) introduced by Veterinary Epidemiologist, Dr. Stephanie Venn-Watson. 

It began when Stephanie started working with the US Navy again in 2001 to assist enhance the well being and welfare of their dolphins (sure, the navy has its personal dolphins!). By her work she got here to know that dolphins age very equally to people (exhibiting indicators of excessive ldl cholesterol, arthritis, power irritation, and so forth.) and people beneath her care have been residing 20 years longer than these within the wild! 

So why have been some dolphins residing longer than others? By this analysis, Dr. Stephanie Venn-Watson was in a position to determine a key marker of well being—increased C15:0 ranges. C15:0 is the primary important fatty acid found in 90 years. “We discovered that some dolphins have been growing old at a sooner price than others. Excitingly, when dolphins have been offered a food regimen increased in C15:0, they not solely had improved metabolic and liver well being, in addition they had proof of slower growing old,” says Dr. Venn-Watson. These two research have been printed within the Proceedings of the Nationwide Academy of Sciences and PLOS ONE

Prepared to return to highschool well being class? Me neither however grasp with me for a sec. If you happen to don’t keep in mind, “important fatty acids” are issues that we’d like sure ranges of in our our bodies to stay wholesome BUT our our bodies don’t make them—so WE HAVE TO ingest these to get their advantages. 

For the previous 90 years, it’s been universally accepted that there are two classes of fatty acids,  omega 3 and omega 6. 

However now? You possibly can add C15:0 to that record. (Backed by papers written by John Hopkins College, Harvard College, College of Cambridge and extra.) 

Now, whereas dolphins get their C15:0 from particular kinds of fish, people’ major supply of C15:0 was complete milk and butter. Which is nice, besides dairy merchandise like this include a number of different points, together with irritation.  

So fatty15 created a pure, steady, sustainable, vegan-friendly, plant-based C15:0 ingredient that can be utilized to fortify meals all through the world to assist repair this dietary deficiency. 

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A close up of a hand going to pick up a capsule of fatty15.

What does fatty15 do on your physique?

Fatty15 is a complement that’s composed of a single ingredient: C15:0. C15:0 (pentadecanoic acid) is a necessary nutrient and wholesome saturated fats that protects cells from the injury that comes with age. Particularly, fatty15 is nice for:

  • Making cells stronger and extra resilient.
  • Enhancing mitochondrial operate, which helps mobile vitality.
  • Activating receptors all through the mind and physique that regulate immunity, metabolism, temper, sleep and urge for food.

As well as, Dr. Venn-Watson explains that when researchers have a look at C15:0 in relation to Sort 2 Diabetes and Fatty Liver Illness, it has proven to efficiently scale back glucose, ldl cholesterol, irritation; it’s additionally handled anemia and it decreased the severity of liver illness. 

Nevertheless it’s not simply fatty15 and Dr. Venn-Watson saying so. Over 70 peer-reviewed research have demonstrated C15:0’s function in supporting long-term metabolic, coronary heart, liver and immune human well being. And some research have additionally linked increased C15:0 to longer life.

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How lengthy does it take fatty15 to work?

Fatty15 says inside the first few weeks you may even see advantages like, “much less snacking and starvation between meals; deeper, higher high quality sleep and waking up feeling extra refreshed; a calmer temper, much less nervousness and higher skill to deal with stress; and extra vitality that’s higher sustained all through the day.” Additionally they add, “For longer-term advantages, our research assist that fatty15 begins working between 1 to three months.”

A jar of fatty15 with capsules in it.

I attempted fatty15

The children and I watched the Matrix this previous weekend which, in case you keep in mind, is all about AI taking on and ruling the world (utilizing human our bodies as batteries to run the AI). And, with the present explosion of AI, I used to be watching this film giving side-eye and 😬-face like, OMG this isn’t so sci-fi anymore.

And that’s type of how I really feel about well being know-how too. Like, we actually have the power to hunt and discover longevity…and it’s taking place RIGHT NOW.

Nicolle has additionally been taking fatty15 for about 6 weeks and she will report (with some evidence-based information!) that she’s seen a regulation in her sleep and urge for food. [*Nicolle has a collection of chronic illnesses, and she tracks her symptoms daily through an app, so she can demonstrate to her doctors how things have ebbed and flowed during her treatments/testing, etc.] Right here’s what her sleep and her urge for food appeared like during the last month whereas she was taking fatty15:

Nicolle’s urge for food graph on the left, exhibiting a leveling out of her urge for food over time—earlier than fatty15, her urge for food was inconsistent and after a month of fatty15, her urge for food is extra steady; Nicolle’s sleep graph on the fitting, exhibiting how her self-reported sleep has improved during the last month, going from persistently “terrible” to extra persistently “good.”

Do you see how her urge for food leveled off and her sleep has been bettering?! Now, all of that’s self-reported, and each she and I’ve been residing a extra aware way of life for years, so it’s laborious to parse out precisely what may have been the distinction maker right here. BUT, she tracked all this with out the intention of showcasing fatty15’s advantages, so it wasn’t only a placebo impact. And, since fatty15 says it may take 1-3 months to expertise noticeable modifications, we really feel like we’re nicely on our solution to a extra noticeable affect.

Fatty15 FAQs

As a result of that is such NEW science and since we as a staff had a variety of questions concerning the complement, we labored with the fatty15 staff to reply as many as potential (aka, we stood in for you as a reader to assist us all perceive what this even is).

A lot of the analysis on C15:0 is by fatty15’s founders. Is there any unbiased analysis supporting C15:0’s advantages?

Sure, tons! Whereas fatty15’s founders have been the primary to find that C15:0 is an energetic and useful nutrient to assist our long-term well being, quite a few peer-reviewed research have since demonstrated the numerous well being advantages of C15:0. An entire record of those research may be discovered right here.

Is C15:0 actually totally different from different odd-chain saturated fatty acids (OCFAs)?

Sure, it’s! The 2 most typical OCFAs are C15:0 and C17:0. Whereas increased ranges of each C15:0 and C17:0 are related to decrease dangers of getting kind 2 diabetes, coronary heart illness, most cancers, and nonalcoholic fatty liver illness, quite a few research have proven that C15:0 has the best direct actions that trigger these advantages.

Is there actually a distinction between even- and odd-chain saturated fatty acids (aka, does one carbon actually make a distinction)?

Sure, there may be! Nature is extremely good at tailoring molecules to fulfill particular wants. Quite a few research have persistently proven that odd-chain saturated fatty acids, particularly C15:0, are related to higher cardiometabolic, immune and liver well being. In distinction, these identical research have proven that even-chain saturated fatty acids (particularly C16:0), are proinflammatory fatty acids related to poorer well being.

Is that this actually new science, or only a spin for advertising and marketing functions?

That is actually new science. Fatty15 founders’ discovery of C15:0 as the primary important fatty acid to be found since omega-3, which was over 90 years in the past, has been acknowledged as a Quick Firm World Altering Thought in Wellness, Dietary Outlook Journal’s Better of the Trade Award, and as a TEDx speak.

How is fatty15 any totally different than simply consuming an additional serving of salmon?

Whereas it’s usually higher to get our vitamins from meals, food-based C15:0 has a number of huge limitations. First, some research have proven that consuming fish and different high-fat meals can really lower our circulating C15:0 ranges.

Second, meals that include the great, odd-chain C15:0 saturated fatty acid additionally include a lot increased ranges of proinflammatory, even-chain C16:0 saturated fat.

Third, C15:0 in meals are sure to complicated lipids referred to as triacylglycerides, which aren’t absorbable (our our bodies have to make use of digestive enzymes to interrupt C15:0 down into bioavailable free fatty acids).

For these causes, fatty15’s founders of medical doctors and scientists spent years growing a pure, vegan-friendly C15:0 ingredient that efficiently raises our C15:0 ranges by offering simply the great C15:0 fats in a extremely bioavailable free fatty acid type. That is the one ingredient in fatty15.

Have you ever tried fatty15?

xo, lisa in cursive

*I’m not a medical skilled. I’m simply somebody who enjoys discovering methods to dwell, be and do higher. I additionally love making an attempt new issues and reporting again to readers. Please search recommendation from medical professionals to see if it is a becoming choice for you. 

TNK Staff Notice: This text accommodates affiliate hyperlinks. TNK makes use of affiliate hyperlinks as a supply for income to fund operations of the enterprise and to be much less depending on branded content material. TNK stands behind all product suggestions. Nonetheless have questions on these hyperlinks or our course of? Be happy to e mail us.

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Have you ever ever felt such as you’re residing in a sci-fi film, particularly with all this AI chatter flying round? Nicely, get able to be totally immersed sooner or later: meet fatty15, a brand new complement that’s making scientific strides utilizing analysis on dolphins (!) and focusing on our want for important fatty acids.


– regulation in sleep in first few weeks

– regulation in urge for food in first few weeks


– can take 1-3 months to expertise noticeable change



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